Ever since a 1 year old was listening to his parents' record player in a red sleeper, he knew music was going to be a big part of his life. As my passion grew, it opened up a world of excitement. A purist at heart, my first big purchase was that of turntables. Dropping the needle on a record was my escape. Never really thinking about music as a business, I was offered to DJ a fashion show. After that, things just seemed to blast off & I came to a realization that this has the potential of becoming a career. Ever since making the conscious decision to develop a music business, I have reaped the benefits from loving what I do. Every day I dig for new songs & sounds. I am persistent, genuine & driven to become the best. I strive to create a personal, outstanding experience for every event. I continue to explore all genres.  Music is my passion. 

"Kevin, we would like to thank you for the fantastic job you did at our wedding. Everything ran smoothly and our guests had a wonderful time, which was largely thanks to the friendly manner as well as your selection of music. You were ready to lend a helping hand with anything we needed, even if it went beyond the role of a DJ. We were looking for someone that could cater to both our younger and older audience and appease my Polish family’s musical expectations. Regardless of the challenges this presented you somehow managed to give everyone a shot on the dance floor, as you seamlessly mixed in all our requests. The time we spent with you, planning and discussing our musical tastes was clearly taken into consideration and it defiantly showed on the dance floor. Based on your professional yet easy-going attitude, the versatility of your musical selections and your obvious love of what you do we would gladly recommend your services for any event! It was a pleasure to work with you."
Best regards,
-Camille & Rob

"Kevin is a real professional. He asked me questions conducive to the guests attending such as would we like censored or non-censored music as the event was a sweet 16-birthday party. He arrived right on time, was very respectful & had the willingness to go that extra mile. A very pleasant person & A+ in how he dressed. He was careful in bringing his gear in & out of the house. Following his set up, very nice I will add, he held cue for the big surprise. Delivery was bang on! Then he moved into his zone; focused & solid tune after tune. As a music guy myself, I felt his passion. His ability to read the crowd was incredible. He is a wonderful, kind & talented person who will be at all our events. I am extremely happy with Kevin's all-around performance. He's got the magic! Thank you, Kevin. You are the real deal."

-Mr. Guy 

"Kevin was the DJ at the Burlington MS Walk in 2017 and I was the Site Coordinator. He touched base with me a few days prior to the event – and again the day before – to discuss a few logistics and to ensure we’re on the same page heading into the event. He even generously offered to sell glow-in-the-dark wristbands and donate all of the proceeds back to the MS Society. On the day of the event, he was cool, calm and collected (unlike me!). The upbeat music he played combined with his outstanding skills as an MC got hundreds of people to feel like they were full of energy (which is virtually impossible at 8 am on a Sunday). I would definitely recommend using Kevin for an event you need a DJ for!"
-Sara Kella
Fundraising & Community Outreach Coordinator

MS Society of Canada, Hamilton-Halton Chapter 

"I was seeking a Professional DJ for my husband's upcoming 40th birthday party. I went through a lot of searches for a great find through Kijiji and came across DJ Persistence (Kevin). His interaction on e-mail was great as he did provide a personal touch with all the queries I had regarding the party and the setup and all that Jazz. All I had to do was just show up and leave the rest for him to manage as I had varied age groups at the party from people in their 20's to 40's and he definitely did a great job in selecting music accordingly. His professionalism and personal touch are what attracted me to hire him for the party and definitely will keep him in mind for the future for any other upcoming events! Thank you for giving us a great time with your music selection!"

-Aliyah Yasmine

"Kevin provided DJ services for our wedding and did a fantastic job. He was very attentive and flexible with all our planning requests, had good gear, and the evening's musical vibe was precisely what we had hoped for. He played the right music at the right time and we had a blast. He is a very friendly guy and I highly recommend him to anyone."

-David & Karen Bale

"Kevin, you were fantastic! Thank you! The lighting, the music, your reading of the room were just perfect.  We hope to see you again for future events. Cheers, and thanks so much!"

-Whitney and Theo 

"I've had the privilege of watching DJ Persistence develop and grow as DJ. I personally think he is one the most versatile DJs when it comes to music selections.  He's a good reason for me to keep practising. Lol! Cheers."
-Deejay Craig Brooklyn

"DJ Persistence boasts such a high level of professionalism it makes you wonder if he chose the best 'p word' to describe himself in the first place. That was a little joke, but Kevin's work ethic is definitely not. In all my experience with him DJing events I've hosted & been a part of, he's always been the first one in, last one out, going above & beyond even in tight situations. Looking for a DJ with hustle, drive, & willingness to do everything in the gig description & more? Look no further, Persistence is what you need."

 -Crossword, Emcee of Vibonics.


"Kevin is one of the most energetic & upbeat people I've ever met. Each time he DJ's an event that I attend I know the music will be in good hands. I've had the pleasure of attending a variety of events that have all been quite different (company Christmas party, birthday party, wedding) and I have been amazed each time at how flawlessly Kevin is able to cater to the different needs of each event."

- Katlynn Thompson


"Kevin Marshall was an excellent choice for my daughter's wedding. Professional, fun and a super nice person. Thanks!"

-Heather Walsh Burnham